About Us

Oh hey babe!  Thank you for stopping by to check out Luna Vibes where I like to say people come for the fashion… and stay for the vibe!

LV is my expression of humour and fashion all rolled into one cozy wearable graphic! Our crew neck sweaters ship directly from the USA and within the USA to your doorstep (or mailbox lol!) 

I love taking product requests and hearing from my customers, so don’t be shy! I’m Carin by the way, and you can reach me directly in customer care @ hellolunavibes@gmail.com!  

In the meantime, grab a cart and fill that baby to the brim, it’s always a good day to have an Add To Cart Day ! Don’t forget to use our VIP code LV10 and het 10% off anytime you shop with us!

Good Luna Vibes Only, 

Carin xo